Hi, I’m Alexander Castro. I write and I curate.

I’ve written about arts, culture, people and ideas since 2014. I sometimes make images and videos, too.

PRESENT DAY: I’m Exhibitions Director in the Visual Arts department at Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI. This past semester I taught a Special Topics course called ‘Gender and Photography’ in the same department.

I curate exhibits for the school’s off-campus gallery, ROGER THAT. I continue to write freelance for magazines and online, and have added science writing to my repertoire.

My email is OhNoCastro@gmail.com, or Acastro@rwu.edu for any University-related business.


Most R.I. public libraries don’t charge fines. What’s up with the holdouts ? Rhode Island Current, April 2023.

Curator’s Notebook, ROGER THAT gallery, October 2022.

Game Boy as Gnosis, 13th STATE, June 2022.

Wanna talk about it? 13th STATE, May 2022.

Not So Simple Perfection, Glass Quarterly, Winter 2020.

Safety in numbers, Newport Mercury, 2018.

Ravers’ Hospice, install at ROGER THAT, 2023. Art by Brian Christopher Glaser and Brooke Hammerle.
Ravers’ Hospice, install at ROGER THAT, 2023.
FEAR TO TREAD install at ROGER THAT, 2022.
FEAR TO TREAD install, ROGER THAT, 2022.