Selected pieces of journalism I enjoyed writing, consider well-crafted or do not wince at when rereading months after their creation. Nearly all of these pieces have appeared in print. (And fyi: my editors choose these headlines.)

New exhibit recalls Woonsocket’s mill history. Providence Journal, 2017.
Report from Rhode Island Comic Con. Mercury, 2017.
Interview with Arthur author Marc Brown. Providence Journal, 2017.
Risqué business
 (Erotically-charged clothing designs) Mercury, 2017.
To shampoo or not to shampoo. That is the question. Mercury, 2016.
Be my guest. (Feature on house party app YotMe) Mercury, 2016.
Reunited and it felt so good. (’90s band Belly returns to their hometown) Mercury, 2016.
A prince among the angels. (Eulogizing Prince) Mercury, 2016.
The kids are all confused. (Marijuana legalization in RI) Mercury, 2016.
Everyone’s a little bit racist. It’s true. Mercury, 2016.
Are you a ‘Bernie Bro?’ (New Hampshire primary coverage) Mercury, 2016.
Man in the long black coat. (Lincoln Chafee’s gubernatorial portrait) Mercury, 2015.