Arts writing

I cover a lot of art exhibits in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. These are a few of my favorites. As my writing’s progressed, I’ve become more comfortable in blending narrative reportage with critique and assessment. I enjoy writing for a general audience, and hopefully introduce readers to a wider range of critical insights than is typically expected of a newspaper review.

Naked truth. Mercury, 2018.
Live wire. Mercury, 2018.
Poli-psych. Mercury, 2018.
Sense in the shadow. Mercury, 2017.

Dreamers documented. Mercury, 2017.
Draw attention. Mercury, 2017.
Being Bunny Harvey. Mercury, 2017.
Salve gallery show probes inherent fragility of home. Mercury, 2017.
Caleb Cole at the Newport Art Museum. Big Red & Shiny, 2017.
Thread Count(ess). GLASS quarterly, No. 148. (Cover story), 2017.

Private eye. Mercury, 2017.
Seven must-see art galleries in Rhode Island. Travelmag, 2017.
Passion and polyester. Mercury, 2017.
Cabell & Foster at GRIN. Big Red & Shiny, 2017.
Scott Lawrence in conversation with Alexander Castro. GRIN, 2016.
Besides at GRIN Providence. Big Red & Shiny, 2016.
Judith Klausner at the New Bedford Art Museum. Big Red & Shiny, 2015.